AF Pharma


"Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices."


Diversification is our strength and gives us an edge over our competitors who commonly are concentrating in one or two market segments.

We have continuous growth in all areas:
1) Pharmaceutical Intermediates
2) Over The Counter Pharmaceutical Raw Materials
3) Food and Feed Additives
4) Animal Health Products
5) Phyto Nutrients

Our expansion comes from our current customers, as well as new clients and broadening our product mix in all industries, providing a steady growth that is insulated from unstable market conditions such as recession and other fluctuations. For this reason, we are able to more accurately predict stable business development.

We represent world leading manufacturers and are constantly looking for new opportunities and strategic alignments on a global basis. We have also signed exclusive contracts for the distribution of Acetaminophen DC-90, Ibuprofen, Gentamycin and Sulfadiazine, just to mention a few.

Our success and continued growth is attributed to our professional staff and our suppliers/ manufacturers. This includes our staff in Europe, Asia, South and Central America. Our overseas staff is constantly monitoring shipments and quality of our products that are imported to ensure timely delivery and quality.

Mission Statement
From Intermediates, OTC's and Nutraceuticals to Food Additives and Animal Health Products, our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality raw materials at competitive prices. We will also strive to lead the industry in developing advanced technology, provide the most knowledgeable and up to date technical assistance for our products, as well as, offering just in time delivery.